UPDATE 10/19/2020: Acre Family Child Care is participating in the TEAM 2020 Autumn Auction sponsored by the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce and Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union. Hope you will have a chance to visit the auction! https://one.bidpal.net/team2020fall/browse/all

Acre Family Child Care has been a trusted expert in early childhood education since 1988. Our programs serve family child care educators and families and bring together funders, elected officials, and community members to insure children receive access to affordable, quality learning experiences.

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The Kathy Reticker Forum for Children & Families

Established in 2017 in memory of Kathy Reticker, former Acre Family Child Care Executive Director, The Kathy Reticker Forum for Children and Families aims to increase awareness and advocacy for affordable, high quality child care and education for all children and families through events and scholarships.