Acre Family Child Care Celebrates New Office with Ribbon Cutting

On Thursday, June 15th, a crowd gathered on the lawn of the former St. Peter’s Rectory Building at 327 Gorham Street. Today, Acre Family Child Care—which provides a pathway for women to achieve economic independence by operating high-quality child care businesses in their homes—is excited to officially welcome the community into their newly acquired and renovated permanent office. “This has been a longtime goal of Acre Family,” stated Acre Family Board Chair Bethany Watson. “The joy of this project is knowing the impact it will have on the critical programs and supports Acre Family Child Care offers in this great community.”

Sokhary Chau, Mayor of Lowell, addressed the crowd, “This building is a celebration of Acre Family Child Care’s investment in the future of the Lowell Community. The programs and mission of Acre Family Child Care create a community and local economy that is stronger and more resilient.” This sentiment was echoed by former Acre Family Board Member and Massachusetts State Representative Vanna Howard, who stated that “this new space will allow you (Acre Family) to better serve those most in need in the community. The vital services you provide are truly appreciated, and we express our thanks to you for your continued service to Lowell and its surroundings.”

Speaking to the history of the organization, founder and former Executive Director Anita Moeller shared, “For 35 years Acre has always had a home in this beautiful community, but now it finally has a house of its own. This is such an exciting moment and a recognition of the importance of the work of everyone here.” Amy Kershaw, Commissioner of the Department of Early Education and Care, spoke to the value of family child care. “Family Child Care Providers play a critical role in supporting children, families, and our economy, ensuring access to quality education to set our youngest learners up for school and life success and allowing families to work or go back to work. Family Child Care Systems like Acre Family Child Care are critical local, community resources that promote the quality of care and offer multilingual services and early childhood training programs to help programs and families thrive.”

Zelma Lyons-Khadar concluded the speaking portion of the program saying, “Thank you to all current and former staff members, Child Care Providers, Board Members, and funders; we never could have reached this milestone without you. While we are here to celebrate our new home, this is really a celebration of stronger families, a stronger local economy, and a stronger Lowell.” Following the remarks, guests toured the building. Acre Family Child Care will officially relocate business to this new address as of July 1, 2023.