Investment in Acre Family Child Care Enriches Early Childhood Development

As a small business owner – What if you could have a personal trainer, coach, market trend advisor, and business manager all in one place? As a member of the Acre Family Child Care network of family child care educators, that’s exactly what you have. And the network just received an extra boost of confidence and funding from Eastern Bank, America’s oldest and largest mutual bank through a $10,000 Grant for Good. Now in its 30th year, Acre Family Child Cares offers training and business supports for entrepreneurial women to open and be successful in maintaining and growing a licensed child care business. The grant will support AFCC’s training program which directly impacts the professional development and advancement of 60+ independent woman-owned family child care businesses in Lowell.

“We are thrilled to partner with Eastern Bank to further impact the field of early childhood education and development. 

Getting our children off to a strong start educationally and socially is critical. Our educators are dedicated, loving women who work tirelessly to nurture and prepare children for their more ‘formal’ learning in the school system.”, shares Lucas Skorczeski, Co-Executive Director. “Our ongoing training program and individualized coaching provides critical updates, access to curriculum, and strategies for working with a variety of young learners. Ongoing development is key for our educators to build their skills so that they can best support children in their programs. We cannot thank Eastern Bank enough for their commitment and support to help strengthen socioemotional and cognitive skills development among children in Lowell.”

As part of Eastern’s $1 million commitment to support enriching early childhood development, Acre Family Child Care is among 50 organizations that provide leading early childhood development programs across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island and are each receiving a $10,000 Grant for Good. These grants are focused on providing support in four critical areas: achieving early learning quality standards, strengthening parent engagement, supporting professional development for educators, and upgrading early learning facilities and supplies.

About Eastern Bank
Founded in 1818, Boston-based Eastern Bank is America’s oldest and largest mutual bank, with over $11 billion in assets and more than 115 locations serving communities in eastern Massachusetts, southern and coastal New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Eastern provides exceptional access to fairly priced banking, investment and insurance products and services for consumers and businesses of all sizes. Eastern Bank, which includes Eastern Wealth Management and Eastern Insurance, is known for its outspoken advocacy and community support that has exceeded more than $140 million in charitable giving since 1999. An inclusive company, Eastern employs 1,900+ deeply committed professionals who value relationships with their customers, colleagues, and communities. Join us for good at and follow Eastern on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and Instagram.