Acre Family Child Care is thrilled to announce they have taken a huge step to realizing a significant milestone – a new and permanent home. Acre Family is now a first time home buyer and the proud owner of the historic former St. Peter’s Rectory at 327 Gorham Street. Homeownership is often viewed as a key part of the American Dream; Acre Family celebrates their Family Child Care Educators when they reach this goal. Zelma Khadar, Co-Executive Director shared, “We see this building as an investment in small businesses, the local economy, and our collective recovery efforts. We are grateful for the help of our long-time supporters who provided guidance, advice, and capital allowing us to make this investment in our future a reality. Vlad Saldaña, Real Estate Agent and Property Manager, The Edge Group Inc., was especially helpful throughout the process.”

Prior to moving the current offices from 55 Middle Street to 327 Gorham Street, they will undertake renovations; Acre Family has begun a capital campaign to support this endeavor and is currently connecting with partners to join them in creating a welcoming space for Early Childhood Educators, families, and children. Lucas Skorczeski, Co-Executive Director noted “This is a necessary component of scaling and the benefits extend directly to the Family Child Care businesses we support. In the past year and a half we have welcomed 12 new Educators to our network at a time when many are leaving the field. We look forward to building a strong and solid future for all of Lowell in our new home.”

Acre Family Child Care provides a pathway for women to achieve economic independence by operating high quality child care businesses in their homes. The program offers the training, coaching, and ongoing business support for entrepreneurial women, many of whom are immigrants and multilingual, to open and be successful in running, maintaining, and growing a state licensed child care business. In 30+ years of community impact, Acre Family Child Care has helped over 500 businesses and provided care to 15,000 children. Today, Acre Family Child Care directly supports 69 woman-owned small businesses throughout the city of Lowell who provide care to 400 children daily.